The Relationship Inventory Profile


“We” is the couple’s shared understanding of their relationship. This domain includes information about perceived level of agreement on shared interests, activities, friends, roles, communication, intimacy, finances, and children (if part of their relationship). The focus of this domain is on aspects of the couple’s relationship that can promote cohesion, consensus, and help to establish their definition of themselves as a couple.

“Me” focuses on each individual’s beliefs and concerns about their own experience of their relationship. The focus of this domain is concerns and satisfaction with each individual’s own behavior, experience of, and participation in the relationship.

“You” items express concerns about and appreciation of one’s partner’s behavior, roles, and participation in the relationship, and the individual’s perception of their partner’s adjustment.

“They” focuses on the effect of family of origin and the broader society on the couple’s relationship. The predominant themes are how supportive the couple believes their families are of their relationship, and how the couple manages boundaries between them and outside influences.

Within each domain, items are clustered by topic such as interests and activities, communication, finances, religion/spirituality, intimacy, personal adjustment, children, etc.