The Relationship Inventory Profile


The purpose of the RI Profile is to provide a new framework for understanding a couple’s beliefs, concerns, strengths, and potential vulnerabilities. Previous premarital tools, including the PMI, FOCCUS, and PREPARE, provided results organized according topic or item content. For example, categories such as Finances, Children, Interests, Religion, etc. were derived and used for discussion. The goal was to help couples understand their beliefs and values regarding each topic, and hopefully come to some understanding of each other regarding the topical issues in each category. 

The RI Profile includes topical items from the PMI PROFILE that have been selected based on item analyses and edited and updated with issues such as use of Social Media. However, rather than clustering items by topic, items are clustered according to domains of relationship: We, Me, You, and They. This structure is based on work by Norman Epstein and Donald Baucom who developed an “adaptation model of couples’ functioning” from their extensive research in marital relationships and marital therapy (Epstein & Baucom, Enhanced cognitive-behavioral therapy for couples: A contextual approach. 2002, American Psychological Association.)

This model acknowledges that a couple’s relationship is comprised of two individuals with certain beliefs, values, and needs (Me and You), the interpersonal dynamics between the members of the couple (We), and the relationship of the couple with the wider society such as families of origin and cultural forces (They). A richer picture of couple functioning can be developed by viewing a relationship from these different perspectives. The interplay of each partner’s individual experience, the couple’s interactional dynamics, and the supports and pressures from outside forces can be more clearly understood.

The contemporary issues covered in the inventory are relevant for couples in a committed relationship, whether cohabiting or legally married, and are applicable in working with ALL couples.